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U12 Boys & Girls

“The Golden Age”

Skill development at this stage should be well structured, positive and FUN and should concentrate on developing the ABC’s of Agility, Balance and Coordination plus speed. Encourage your players to take part in unstructured play, every day, with their friends.

Learning to read the movements going on around them are critical skills to be developed at this age. Playing small-sided games, 3v3, 4v4 etc. can develop players’ ability to read what other players are going to do based on their movements. Let your players make decisions, expose them to working out problems and coming up with solutions.

The U12 age group is the third stage of soccer development that our players go through, commonly known as the “golden age of learning”.

The effect of the role model is very important at this stage. Children begin to identify with famous players and successful teams, and they want to learn imaginative skills. Skill demonstration is very important and the players learn best by “doing”.

Repetitions are important to develop technical excellence, but creating a fun and challenging environment is still essential for stimulating learning.


At this age goalkeepers can be introduced although players should play in all positions including goalkeeper. Again no scores or standings are maintained. Players will play a fair amount of time in each position.

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