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U4 Co-ed

“First steps, first kicks”


At this introductory level the objective is to get children moving and to keep them active. No competitive games should be played – the objective is for adults and children to play together informally. The children being active, together, with a well-known family member will give them a sense of security and safety and as such enhance their first group soccer experience.

The physical literacy curriculum provides for learning basic fundamental movement skills such as running–jumping–twisting–throwing–catching.

The technical requirements are not about teaching the techniques of soccer. They are to encourage children to enjoy becoming friends with the ball. They can experience the following through fun and imaginative games: running with the ball, stopping and changing direction with the ball, dribbling, kicking and shooting.


No team games are played at this development stage. Players are involved in interactive competitions with parents, grandparents, older siblings etc. Practice should be 30 to 45 minutes in length.

Small-sided games can be 1v1, e.g. Mom or Dad vs. Child. During practice each player should have a ball, lots of touches, left and right foot. Just let them play with lots of movement. Encourage the use of both feet, different parts of foot and body.

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