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Long Term Player Development


Nothing is more important than giving children the best experience possible in our sport that will ensure ALL players enjoy the game, and develop better skills to play soccer FOR LIFE.

Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is leading this change and all provinces and territories are making the transition to implementing Long term Player Development (LTPD). This is a national initiative across all sports in Canada. Every sport has tailored the approach to the needs of their athletes and are at different stages of implementation.

  • Children enjoying soccer more
    = keep playing soccer for life
  • More touches and time on the ball
    = improved skill development
  • Players allowed to make more decisions during practices and games
    = players learn to problem-solve,
       and be responsible
  • More qualified coaches that understand players’ needs at each development stage
    = increased enjoyment and skill development
  • Clear development pathway
  • The game “grows” as the players grow
    = Appropriate sizes fields, goals and balls

Benefits to the Players

  • To have fun
  • To experience thrills
  • To be with friends,
    and/or make new friends
  • To do something they are good at
  • To feel good about themselves(Increase self-esteem)
  • To feel accepted
  • To improve and learn new skills
  • To be part of a team

Why Kids Play Soccer

Tillsonburg Soccer Club Programs


Youth House League


At Tillsonburg Soccer Club, we offer a variety of age specific programs to not only develop athletes, but character and personality. For more information of each program, and to register, please click on a program below.

"Active Start"

U4 Co-ed   U5 Co-ed


U6 Boys & U6 Girls   U8 Boys & U7/8 Girls

"Learn to Train"

U10 Boys & U9/10 Girls   U12 Boys & U12 Girls

"Soccer for Life"

U15 Boys & U15 Girls   U18 Boys & U18 Girls

2021 Youth House League

Start Dates and Fees

Division Fields DOB Start Date Day Time
U4 Co-ed Main 2017-2018 July 10 Saturday 9:30 AM / 10:30 AM
U5 Co-ed Micros 2016 July 10 Saturday 10:00 AM
U6 Co-ed Micros 2015 July 6 Tues/Thurs 6:00 PM
U8 Boys Minis 2013-2014 July 5 Mon/Wed 6:00 PM
U8 Girls Minis 2013-2014 July 6 Tues/Thurs 6:00 PM
U9 Co-ed Minis 2012 July 5 Mon/Wed 7:15 PM
U10 Co-ed Minis 2011 July 6 Tues/Thurs 6:00 PM
U12 Co-ed Minis 2009-2010 July 6 Tues/Thurs 7:15 PM
U15 Co-ed Intermediates 2006-2008 July 5 Mon/Wed 6:00 PM


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